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“Why, yes, I am an Octo-Super-Business Mom”

People ask me every single day, “how on earth do you do it?”  Typically, the question is posed after I crack a joke about a normal, everyday event that happened with my three kiddos under age 5 or my latest business idea.  I guess I haven’t actually stopped to consider that NOT managing my family and businesses would even be a possibility.  Honestly, the day our family stands still for whatever reason will be the day I lose my mind.

I’m no different from any other working mom out there.  But I have started asking other amazing women how THEY do it.  And here’s what I’m finding to be the best 3 bits of advice I’ve found:

1.       Joy is the secret to happiness.  This year I’ve learned that there is truly a difference between joy and happiness.  My 88 year old client confirmed this for me just this morning.  Joy is something you simply have.  It’s who you are.  Happiness, rather, is circumstantial.  So it doesn’t matter what’s going on your life, if you have joy in everything, you will survive.

2.       The concept of following your calling is a luxury of the privileged.  Jen Hatmaker’s book, “For the Love,” really opened my eyes to this one.  She points out that we often feel the need to walk around acting like we should press pause on our present lives while we wait for our calling or to find our purpose.  This is baloney!  There is no need to think “when my kids are bigger, I’ll [you fill in the blank here].” Our calling is to take advantage of the opportunities in our lives today and leverage those things for God’s glory.  It really can be that simple!

3.       Business should be an extension of your life.  I’ve learned this the hard way.  We need to stop trying to fit our careers into our lives and start remembering that the choices we make in our work define our life.  You are sitting in your chair this very second living your life, whether you realize it or not.  Stop trying to be something you aren’t and start embracing who you already are.  And if you don’t like that person, change it. God’s grace will prevent you from falling on your face.

So what’s the best advice you can give me?  Reach out to me at valerie@grinkmeyerleonard.com or on social media.  And don’t worry, I am honestly working on learning to be still.  What a concept, huh?


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