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The Truth About the Bridge from Here to There

You’ve painted a picture in your head of what your life would be like if you accomplished a certain financial goal, haven’t you?  You keep saying, “if I could just [fill in the blank] then things will be different.”  You’ve seen other people do it and you know it’s possible.  But how confident are you that you have the best plan to get you there?  Before wasting any more time or effort, you need to know a little something about the bridge you want to cross.

  1. Someone else has been in your shoes – Even though no one wants to hear it, there comes a point in life where you are truly able to say, “if I only knew then what I know now.” As a financial advisor, my mission is to take my own personal lessons in life and money and help people avoid the mistakes I’ve made and achieve their dreams faster than I was able to.  Life has taught me that experience is valuable and the people who have guided me made all the difference.  That bridge is a lot sturdier when you’re able to lean on someone who can truly say, “I’ve been where you’ve been and I know how to get you where you want to go.”
  1. Perception and reality are never equal – Don’t be fooled into thinking your financial dreams will ever actually come true. What is more likely to materialize, however, is a variation of your dream.  If you hold so tightly to the idea that joy or happiness will be found when the perfect version of your goal is achieved, you probably won’t discover it.  If you accept now that the destination on the other side of your bridge will most definitely look different than you expect, you’ll be emotionally prepared to embrace your life for what it is!
  1. Bridges are built by engineers – The famous Bay Bridge in San Francisco was recently finalized and was built to withstand massive earthquakes. Have you heard about the $6.4 billion controversy surrounding the politicians and project managers who caused construction to exceed the original estimated $1.3 billion cost?  The point?  It’s never a good idea to build a bridge without a plan and accountability partner. You’re going to run into issues you couldn’t foresee and you’re going to want someone who can keep you on track, especially when times get tough.

My name is Valerie Leonard and I’d like to help get you from here to there.  I’m a mom, owner of multiple businesses and I’m also your not-so-traditional financial advisor.  I think I can share a better way to get there.  Contact me so we can head out on that bridge together.

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