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Got Headline Stress?

We’re living in an age of overwhelming information. Everywhere we look we’re surrounded by social media and headlines designed to grab our attention and create a strong emotional response.

And it works.

Market and economic news can be especially stressful because we don’t know what’s going to turn into major headaches or cause a market meltdown.

Got headline stress? Here are three simple strategies you can use to win:

One: This is the simplest one: limit pings, push notifications, and news alerts. They immediately pull in your attention and can heighten the perception of danger and anxiety.

Two: Focus on doing something positive to refocus. Sometimes, we just need to DO something to set our minds at ease. Whether it’s spending time outside, doing something kind for someone else, or some other activity; channeling anxious energy in a positive direction can help get you out of the stress rut.

Three: Reach out to someone reassuring. Whether it’s me, a calming friend, or someone you love, break the stress spiral by leaning on your support network. Conversely, avoid friends and personalities who stoke your stress.

Headlines are everywhere and we can’t always avoid them. But we can take a deep breath, put them on the back burner, and work to keep them from hurting our mindset.

If you want to speak personally about what’s going on, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always here to talk through any questions you may have.

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